INVENTIONI.ST | Helping brands invent their future.

We help brands invent their future.

We believe it’s time to experiment with new ideas, technologies, and human behaviors to solve business and marketing problems. We are the small, fast, and affordable product innovation team for the digital age. Learn more about our purpose, our process, our experiments, and inventions we admire.

We offer three core services tailored to your needs and product life cycle:

For an existing business looking for new product and service opportunities

  • 5-Day Sprints

  • 45-Day Cycles

  • 6-Month Deep Dive

For startups seeking attention and adoption of a new product or service

  • Ongoing Advisement

  • Probing of New Markets

  • User Acquisition Testing

For an established business looking to breathe new life into an existing product

  • Experience Audit

  • Probing New Consumer Groups

  • Re-Birth Through Origination

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