Project Name: 30Days2Beta

The Hunch: 

Once upon a time, existed as a single page flash site. It was due for a makeover. If we were going to say we were a fully integrated agency, our website had to show it.

At the very start of the project , we found that applying a broadcast production process and mindset to digital was not only inefficient, it actually hurt our output. We decided to scrap months of planning and try to work in a completely new way for the agency and our teams.

The Idea:

We built the first iteration of the new site live on the web in just 30 days, in order to prove to ourselves and our clients that building digital products in a more agile manner is ultimately the best approach. And we live-streamed it for everyone to see. We wanted it to be transparent and participatory.

Our Process:

Let’s roll the tape:

Deutsch LA – 30 Days to Beta #30Days2Beta from on Vimeo.

The Tech:

We built the site in a .net environment, on top of a custom Sitecore CMS. We used Limelight to serve the videos in the most optimal way possible and we applied a user agent so that the player can serve a flash or an HTML5 video based on what you are watching it on. And to add some animation bad-assery, we used the Isotope library.

Since Deutsch already had a great mobile-specific site, we simply re-skinned it to match the look and feel of the new redesign for a more holistic experience.

The Results:

When we launched the new site after 30 days, had the most traffic in its history – surpassing the number of visitors the day the VW spot “The Force” first aired. And, since the redesign, the average time spent on the website has increased from two minutes to a whopping six minutes. Not too shabby for just 30 days.

The Future:

While we are currently underway on making improvements (video optimization, social integration, and a dedicated employee section) we are most looking forward to how this project will effect how we work in the future. Across the agency, no matter the client, we are working toward a more agile approach with smaller teams, and a get-it-done mentality.  Already, we’ve been hearing “Let’s 30-Days-to-Beta-It” whenever a digital project moves into production – but for now, we probably won’t livestream it.


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