Product name: Riddlr

The Hunch:

Creativity doesn’t belong to a single department. For years, industry experts have been lauding the positive elements of collaborative culture and lambasting the negative effects of siloing – so why not do something about it? It was here that we saw an opportunity to harness all of the creative brainpower in this building.

The Idea:

There is a truth (which we see from examples like Quora and Wikipedia) that anyone, given the opportunity, can provide insight. Rather than constraining ideas to the creative teams, we created an open intra-agency platform, Riddlr, to field questions and quickly test out concepts and briefs with the tightest feedback loop possible.

The Process:

Riddlr was developed¬†internally over a three-month period by an invention squad. The prototype was tested in house to a small group and feedback was solicited from members of the agency to find out what worked, what didn’t work, and with suggestions for new features. After a few small iterations, the Alpha product launched internally in early 2012.

The Results:

In the first week of its internal release, we received over 100 responses to real client problems, with consistant participation from users across all departments. Since its launch, Riddlr has already changed the way we, as an agency, approach creative.

The Future:

Currently, we are tinkering with Riddlr 2.0, a brand-new site and a matching mobile app (because sometimes the best ideas come when we aren’t sitting at our desk).

We’d love to test out Riddlr beyond the Deutsch community, so if you have any feedback, please get in touch. In the meantime, sign up on our LaunchRock page to stay up to date on future versions.

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