Project Name: The Deutsch Like Sign

The Hunch:

We had just finished 30 Days to Beta, which was an effort across the entire digital arm of the agency to redesign the agency’s digital presence. What was needed was a reminder of how our content would be shared. What kind of positive feedback loop could enforce this?

The Idea:

We built the Like Sign to remind ourselves that the measure of our work begins with how it’s passed along and spreads throughout culture (especially online).

What It Does:

The sign currently hangs outside the office of our Chief Digital Officer, Winston Binch, and you can watch the sign lambast him with its fluorescence through our live Webcam on our site. Go on, give it a try.

Our Process:

A small team built the sign last December as a physical manifestation of our goals; to create cultural currency and sharable content. The sign was built over a period of two weeks, and it lit up  our offices just before the holidays. It was a quick-burn project that consisted of several trials and a good amount of errors. An inventionist and a developer worked together to build out web server components in tandem with the crafting of a physical light box.

The Tech:

The Like Sign was built using an Arduino Uno + Ethernet shield, a PowerSwitch Tail II, and a custom light box. It was developed with the Arduino IDE, and a bit of custom Javascript to interpret the “Like” event.

The Results:

The Deutsch Like Sign was featured on Yahoo’s Five Best Things in Social Media list, and in an article on Business Insider. And it keeps on blinking.

The Future:

We have plans to make a “Like Sign,” or some sort of social-media-fueled lighting system, for each one of our clients. It’s a good thing one of our team members majored in lighting design.

We can also create a simple kit for any office. Want one for yours?  Get in touch.

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