Markerly is a social content platform that helps advertisers and publishers connect to the right influencers and craft the best possible content for their target audiences.

Mountain View, CA and New York City, NY

Justin Kline, Co-Founder

What was the hunch that got you started?
After working in digital advertising for a few years I started to notice a big shift, where a lot of the dollars started getting reallocated and focused on content. A good content strategy is pivotal to brands because content lasts a lot longer than a digital media buy; it’s evergreen and will attract people over years rather than a time-limited display advertising campaign. It’s a better long term strategy, and companies that started early are really starting to see great ROI.

Content is our sweet spot, we’re tracking what content is working with different demographics and how it’s being shared. We’re able to tell what is getting the most engagement, what specific users are bringing the most traffic, and what the best strategy is to engage those users further.

What have you learned? How have you failed? How have you had to pivot?
The technology was initially built in the form of a bookmarklet and it was a Pinterest for text – similar to clipping sites. When we got into 500 startups, we were wondering how we could get more users, and how we could collect more data. We understood the value in getting as many users as possible because of how valuable it is to publishers and advertisers. That’s when we started building publisher products. We realized it would maximize our reach and that we’d be able to provide deep insights to brands about their content marketing campaigns.

We’ve built the most comprehensive reporting engine for tracking content campaigns in the business.
We’re getting geared up to release the latest edition of Markerly: our enterprise suite and blogging network. We know that all Fortune 500 companies are investing in content (both video and editorial)When you run a campaign with Markerly you’ll be able to see your campaign’s top quotes, videos, photos and what topics are performing best. We collect email addresses, allow brands to ask questions and collect demographic information for organic market research included in the reporting.

What is your team like? Company Culture?
Todd (our head of Business Development) is in New York a lot while the rest of the team is in California. We’re currently hiring more sales and another engineer.

In terms of culture; we love our coffee, we go hiking a lot together (we just did a 14 mile hike), we’re really just one big family. We’re the kind of company that goes out together after work, sees each other on the weekend, hangs out all the time. We’re a really entwined bunch.

What is your plan for monetization?
We offer two options as purchasable packages: one way is to simply run a campaign via our platform and the second is to run a campaign across our network.

What can brands learn from you?
Like I said, we’ve built the most comprehensive reporting engine for tracking content campaigns in the business. Big brands and agencies can learn a lot about their content strategy, how to optimize it, and key segmentation data about there audience and how they’re engaging with branded content

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