It all starts with a conversation. We custom tailor our services, our teams, and our fees based on your needs. If you have an established business, we’ll investigate if an existing product needs to be modernized or if a new product is warranted. If you have a startup, we’ll explore ways to gain attention and adoption faster than your competitors. Inventionist teams are small, nimble, interdisciplinary, and assembled based on the challenge at hand.
Unique challenges will demand unique skill sets, activities, timing, and outputs; but everything we do has one common thread. Well call it The Invention Filter and it’s a persistent tool in all of our efforts. We aren’t satisfied with our work until we’ve arrived at final products that serve unmet needs, nudge the organization, and ignite culture.


Serving Unmet Needs

Some call it “human-centered design,” we just call it empathy. The invention process begins by asking what the real human beings in question actually need. We explore what they’re trying to do, what’s stopping them, what’s broken, what technologies can help, and what solutions outside the industry are being used to solve similar problems.

Nudging the Organization

Good inventions solve business problems. Great inventions revolutionize how companies do business. We’ll never be the expert that you are in your business, but we won’t let that stop us from trying. We dig deeply into your revenue streams, what forces keep you from growing and shrinking, what factors are most important to your consumers, and where the industry at large is heading. Invention requires that we become more than a vendor for our clients. We have to become your partner. And partners look for opportunities to always push the business forward.

Igniting Culture

The most elusive of the three ingredients, igniting a moment in culture can propel a niche invention to mass adoption. When we develop our work, we pay critical attention to culture – culture inside the category, culture relevant to the customer, and culture at large. Ultimately, it comes down to deciding which trends to follow, which trends to buck, and how to repeat the experiment.


When you work with us,
you should expect:



We believe that you can’t value an idea until you test it in the real world, so we rapidly prototype experiments even at the initial stages of concepting.


We know that success is not achieved despite of failure, success is achieved because of failure, and we work relentlessly to learn from every experiment.


When it comes to confidential information and top-secret plans, we practice the first rule of Fight Club for our clients.


Though we’ll try our damnedest, you are ultimately the experts of your business, and we strive to build an intimate working relationship with our clients.